Problem With The Forum?

General Steps

If you are new to the forum. Please make sure that you follow these steps :)

1.) Get your purchase code

2.) Click on ‘Create an Account‘ on the main menu

3.) Fullfill the form and hit the button

Having Problems

A.) If you’re having a problem with Registration, please make sure that you follow all this method.

1.) If this is the first time you register with us.

1.1) Please make sure that username is the same as your Themeforest username and there are NOT any blank spaces in those fields.

1.2) Username must be the same that purchased the item.

2.) If you bought another theme from us and already registered with that theme.

2.1) Please go to this link instead of register again,

B.) If you’re having a problem with accessing thread or posting thread.

1.) After you’re able to register. Please login via this link,

2.) After that, make sure that you click on the correct category. It’s the same name as your theme. For example, if you bought ‘Modernize – Flexibility of WordPress’ theme, follow this image

3.) Then click on ‘Create topic’ button, by this image.

BTW, if still no luck, you can send your license file to ‘’ (please state your username). We’ll do it for you.